Looks like a pen, acts like a catheter

Curan Lady_CatheterIf you are struggling to open your compact intermittent catheter and are fed up with the mess it can make then Curan Lady, a new discreet gel intermittent catheter for women could be for you.

Easy to open, ready to use and no more eye-catching than a pen, Curan Lady helps you to easily catheterise at home, work or play without embarrassment or inconvenience.

Many intermittent catheter users get frustrated with the lack of a completely discreet experience from their compact catheter. Curan Lady provides true discretion from start to finish beginning the minute you pick it up and don’t hear the rustle and crunch of packaging, through to having no water to throw away once opened and finally to the catheter being able to be popped back into the tube container ready to be disposed of later if no bin is available.

With an easy to open lid, no mess and no worry about anyone seeing the contents of your handbag, Curan Lady helps to make intermittent catheterisation fit into your lifestyle as easily as possible, allowing you to get on with your life.

For more information head to www.clinimed.co.uk or call the CliniMed Careline on 0800 036 0100.

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