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United Response kick starts 40th anniversary celebrations with new logo and strapline

National disability charity, United Response, is starting its 40th celebrations early, with the launch of a new logo and strapline.

The charity, which turns 40 next year, has created a new logo and strapline which it feels reflects the increasing diversity of its broad client group and which brings its brand up-to-date.

Over the years, United Response has grown to support people with a wide range of needs. Starting in 1973, with one house for people with learning disabilities in West Sussex, the charity now supports people with autism; people with mental health needs; children and young people in transition; older people and people with dementia; all alongside its learning disability work.

Much of the rebranding exercise was carried out in-house, by United Response’s communications team, which was set the task of creating a new logo and strapline, which reflects the charity’s diversity.

The in-house team began the process by asking key stakeholder groups, including relatives of people supported by the charity, commissioners and staff, to take part in an online survey. Stakeholders were asked a series of questions, including selecting key words which they felt best described United Response’s work. ‘Support’ came back as the top answer, and this lead to the development of the strapline “support that changes with you.

Diane Lightfoot, Director of Communications and Fundraising at United Response, said: “We hope this reflects the responsive and flexible way we support people, our focus on constant reviewing and learning and works equally for people becoming more independent; children moving into and through the transition to adulthood and older people progressing on a dementia journey.”

With regards to the logo, the United Response wanted something that retained its identity, but which would be accessible and visually appealing. Diane Lightfoot said: “We chose our new logo because it still retains our core identity whilst being much more modern and fresh. We like the “tick” feature which implies quality and also looks celebratory – a fitting way to mark 40 years! The coloured dots are visually appealing and we hope reference our focus on diversity.

Keeping costs to a minimum was also an important element of the rebrand. Diane Lightfoot said: “Doing a lot of work in-house helped to keep rebrand costs low. We had already gradually updated our broader “look” over the past few years so that all that remained was the logo itself. We also planned ahead to run down our printed materials and will gradually phase the new logo in over a period of time as existing stocks run out. As a result, we have done the whole thing for approximately £3500 – a fraction of what it could have cost.”

The launch of the logo and strapline mark the beginning of a host of activities planned by United Response to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

About United Response

United Response is a national charity that works with people with learning disabilities, mental health needs or physical disabilities- including some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Our vision is a society where disabled people are equal participants and have access to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. To find out more about the work of United Response, please visit

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