Latest feat in prosthetic technology unveiled


The emPOWER Ankle is the latest feat in prosthetic technology. This is the only prosthetic ankle available on the market for above and below-knee amputees offering powered propulsion. This innovative prosthesis has been upgraded from the first generation to offer amputees the benefits of longer battery life and a more ergonomic design so they have more freedom in their life without having to think about their mobility.

Manufactured by BionX, the emPOWER Ankle is the successor to the BiOM Ankle – the first generation of powered propulsion ankles. It is a bionic solution that replaces the function and power of lost muscles and tendons to help restore quality of life for above and below-knee amputees.

Prosthetic technology aims to restore an amputee’s mobility mimicking as closely as possible the functions of the lost limb. emPOWER’s life-like ankle movement improves the walking gait and helps to reduce joint forces that lead to pain and the potential for osteoarthritis. The emPOWER Ankle provides increased energy for faster walking and a more natural stride with less fatigue and allows for easier climbing of ramps, hills and stairs. It can in real-time adjust the power, resistance and flexion to the ankle giving full ankle movement control for balance and improved safety and stability across any surface.

Official distributor, Ottobock, has unveiled the emPOWER Ankle to the UK market at an event held at the Science Museum in London. Industry professionals were treated to a demonstration of the ankle’s effectiveness over various terrains showing just how innovative this ankle solution is.

The upgrades from its processor makes it more user friendly with up to eight hours battery life, dependent on usage and weight, and the power delivery has been enhanced for a more life-like feel at any speed. It has also been designed to be 25% less bulky and constructed of hardened metal and plastic components making it twice as scratch and impact resistant.

There is nothing else like it making this game changer the pioneering solution for amputees with lost lower leg muscle function. When combined with C-Leg 4, Genium or Genium X3, the emPOWER Ankle creates a complete state-of-the-art prosthesis solution, giving power to the people for a more independent and active life.

Rachel Neilson, Academy Clinician at Ottobock, said:

“This really is a remarkable ankle solution for those who have lost the power in their lower limb. Everyday situations such as coming across ramps, slopes and stairs no longer pose a challenge as the emPOWER Ankle restores the propulsion needed for forward and upward motion. This allows the user to reclaim their power and effortlessly tackle whatever terrain they may come across leaving them free to get on with their day.”

To find out more about the emPOWER Ankle please follow this link.

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