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A vibrant new website, is raising the standard by bursting on the scene packed with fun, practical and stylish stuff for disabled children.  The forward-thinking children’s charity Tree of Hope has established the website with the aim of making funky products available for children with needs, with all profits going directly back to the charity.  That’s got to be good.

Blossom for Children has taken a fresh and exciting approach to finding clothing, living aids, toys and equipment that is so much better than just the ‘normal’ stuff that able bodied children can have – this stuff is so cool that all the kids will want some.  And why not?  Blossom seeks to look at the world through a child’s eyes, regardless of their abilities, and when something makes a little voice say “Hey Mum that’s cooool…”, if it also makes life easier or helps with their development then it’s got to be a winner.  Everything on the website has been hand picked for how it can help children with needs, though much of it can be used by all children.


Take the wheelchair gloves – would your child go for red polka dots, union jacks, flower power or ones with tyre marks over the top?  Then there’s the play tray with Velcro on one side which allows children with limited hand movements to use toys, books or tablets independently without dropping them – simple but brilliant.  How about tripods and crutches in shades of lagoon blue, sunshine yellow, baby pink or pastel green – perhaps more cheering than the standard thundercloud grey we’re used to?

Blossom_AnteaterBut Blossom won’t stop there as soon home therapy will never be the same again – would your child be up for balancing on an upside down elephant, sitting on two crocodiles as a therapy bench or stepping up the backs of anteaters and chickens?  Not to mention rocking on a fish or rolling on a worm, of course.  Keep an eye out for the exclusive new range of therapy furniture being launched in September 2013.

If your friends and family want help with finding gifts, you can set up a gift list or ask for gift vouchers for birthdays or Christmas. Visit to find out more, and stay in touch via Facebook for latest product announcements, competitions and offers.

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