Introducing the Quickie Salsa M2, the next evolution in powered wheelchair performance and style


The NEW Salsa M2 from Quickie perfectly blends style and performance to create a wheelchair that’s perfect for use inside and out!

QuickieSalsaM2_1Access All Areas

An ultra-small turning circle, patented mid-wheel technology and ultra-compact base dimensions provide great indoor access. Whilst the, lower than ever before, seat to floor height (from 43cm (17”)) ensures easy transfers and access under desks.

Smooth out the bumps and enjoy a stable outdoor ride thanks to Quickie’s patented all-wheel suspension and anti-pitch technology.

Go further with the ultra-efficient 4mph speed option powered by 60Ah batteries and delivering 10% more charge than the original Salsa.

Choose speed, torque and outright performance with the 120Ah controller options and 6mph, four-pole high torque motors.

Head-Turning Style

QuickieSalsaM2_3Blending Quickie’s true hallmarks of beautiful sleek design with an assertive stance and sporting performance – the Salsa M2 is sure to turn heads.

Subtle styling with bright LED lights and indicators integrated into the rear body panel.

A colour to suit every occasion and taste – choose from matt black, classic white, vibrant red or electric blue.

You can further customise your Quickie Salsa M2 through Built-4-Me.

Style and Substance

There’s no need for compromise when it comes to practicality, the Quickie Salsa M2 delivers great functionality:

  • Flip-back armrests for easy transfers and close access to desks
  • Effortlessly climb 7cm (3”) kerbs and thresholds
  • 30cm lift option for access to bars, cupboards and worktops
  • Select from a wide range of options to tailor your Salsa M2 to your lifestyle, including:
  • Powered tilt module with centre of gravity adjustment
  • Powered recline back
  • Trunk support laterals
  • Three different motors
  • Full range of control devices


Go Places with M2

Drive your vehicle from the comfort of your Quickie Salsa M2, or enjoy hassle-free transportation with the approved DAHL docking station. The Quickie Salsa M2 is crash tested and passed in accordance with ISO 7176-19.

Find out more and put the NEW Quickie Salsa M2 and put it to the test today visit: 

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