Innovative technology makes life more accessible for people with ME

action-for-me-logoUK charity Action for M.E. is using innovative technology to make life more accessible for people disabled by the chronic, debilitating condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.)

Working with transformative platforms Xperedon and PowaTag, the charity is bringing a simpler way of shopping, donating and independent living to the 250,000 people in the UK with the illness.

Both platforms are integrated into the charity’s new Online M.E. Centre, launching Thursday 3 December, the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Sonya Chowdhury, Chief Executive, Action for M.E., says: “We are thrilled that Action for M.E. is the first charity to work with Xperedon, via online independent living shop Really Useful Stuff.

“By hosting our own shop through the Really Useful Stuff website and the Xperedon platform, we are able to bring independent living aids to people with M.E. at the best possible price.”

”We have also recognised the huge potential which the PowaTag offers us. It means that people will be able to donate to us more quickly and more easily than ever before.”

David Hallett, CEO, Xperedon, says: “We’re all about using our expertise to solve real world issues with technology and services, and this is a prime example of what can be achieved when the barriers are lowered and co-operation is enabled via tech. We’re excited to be playing our part in leading this revolution.”

Kay Allen OBE, Chief of Stuff at Really Useful Stuff, says: “I am really excited by the opportunities of this new venture. We want to combine the voice of the UK’s 11 million disabled people into a powerful consumer collective that can command the attention of the marketplace.”

Anyone who makes a purchase from the shop will be offered a 10% discount on the retail price, with the option to donate back to the charity upon checkout if they choose.

Action for M.E. has been consulting with people affected by M.E. to make sure the shop is stocked with the aids and equipment they find most useful.

Action for M.E. supporter Karen swears by her grabber. “The more tired I am the more frequently I drop things on the floor,” she says. “My grabber saves me having to bend or get down on my knees to retrieve things; something which really aggravates the pain in my joints.”

PowaTag is a free mobile app available from the iTunes and Google Play Stores that enables users to immediately complete transactions with their phone or tablet in moments using pre-entered information, interacting with anything from products to advertising in print, online and in broadcast.

Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, says: “I’m delighted that Powa Tag can help people donate to Action for M.E. and support the fantastic work that they do.

“Many people want to give but simply do not have the time to fill out the long forms which are normally required to donate to charity. Or sometimes these forms can just be too confusing.

“PowaTag simplifies this process to make it quick and easy. It uses pre-entered information meaning that people are only required to scan the PowaTag code, enter the amount the wish to donate, and then hit confirm. It also means that they can donate their desired amount, rather than being stuck into a fixed number like people can be via text donations.”

Action for M.E. ( is the UK’s leading charity working to improve the lives of people with M.E. Our mission is empowering people with M.E. to fulfil their potential and secure the care and support they need, while working towards a greater understanding of the illness and ultimately a cure.

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