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Disabled Windermere man completes triathlon swim with broken leg (Westmorland Gazette)
Inspirational article of a man completing a triathlon after a severe fall resulting in broken bones.

Sisters raise money for Hearing Dogs (Harrogate Advertiser)
Wee article of young siblings raising money for Hearing Dogs

Disabled Learning Centre needs new home by Christmas (Get Reading)
“Stepping Stones” looking for a new home to carry on terrific work.

New online course launches for teachers to better include students with disabilities (Silicon Republic)
Supporting students with disabilities

Mother is Battling for help to get son to school (Scotsman)
The hardship of a mother to afford transport costs for her severely disabled son.

Devon athletes prolong the olympic spirit (This is South Devon)
The paralympic and olympic athletes will compete and discuss their inspiration, difficulties and dreams of their careers this weekend in Exeter.

Paralympics improves attitude to disabilities (newham recorder)

Reporting shifting attitudes towards disability and where it can be improved.

‘No one will write off my disabled son’: Ed Davey speaks movingly about looking after his sick child (Daily Mail)
A moving article on MP’s son.

Disabled people fear being worse off with introduction of universal credit in April 2013 (Guardian)
Plans to shake up benefits system anger disabled.

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