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Cuts ‘have reduced me to a beggar’ (Press Association)
A former healthcare worker shares his story.

Scots reveal their fears as callous Con-Dem welfare cuts will see 74,000 lose their benefits (Daily Record)
The impact of the benefits shake up in Scotland

Residential college places for young disabled at risk (Guardian)
New funding rules could have a catastrophic impact on lots of young disabled people.

Thousands win appeals to keep disability cash (This is Staffordshire)
New figures show that one in four people denied disability benefits have managed to appeal the decision.

Care cuts in Lincolnshire spark surge in demand at disability charity Mencap (This is Lincolnshire)
Mencap reports a 360% increase in calls for help.

Government eyes end to benefits and inflation link (BBC News)
Parliament chiefs are considering freezing benefits for two years to rise only with average pay.

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