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Today’s biggest disability stories…

Channel 4’s dilemma: can it host both Frankie Boyle and the Paralympics? (Guardian blog)
Mark Lawson questions whether the Paralympic broadcast and controversial comic can continue to work together.

Protest staged over closure of centre for adults with disabilities (STV)
Dundonians show their anger at the closure of a local day centre.

The Paralympic Games is a missed opportunity for deaf athletes (Guardian)
Charlie Swinbourne looks at low number of deaf athletes competing in the Games.

Paralympics 2012: disabled people are treated very, very badly in Haiti. We are seen as different (Telegraph)
A view from outside of Britain.

Jersey church to get better disabled access (BBC News)
Good news for Jersey residents.

Is the UK still a no-go for disabled travellers? (Channel 4 News)
Channel 4 takes a look at how the Paralympics have changed travel for disabled people, if at all…

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