Imagine driving a car at Donington Park – even before your first driving lesson

get going liveIf you are a young disabled person over 14 years of age you can make this a reality at an exciting one-day driving event taking place on Saturday 13 July at the Donington Park Launch Pad, Derbyshire. If you’re newly disabled returning to driving this event is for you too.

You’ll get to drive a range of standard production cars with adaptations, including drive-from-wheelchair models, on a circuit at Donington Park that includes the historic Heritage Loop, which was once part of the race circuit itself and is often used for new vehicle launches. You’ll be accompanied by specialist drivers in a very safe environment; all vehicles have dual controls.

Young people with disabilities can gain a driving licence at 16 but it is not always easy to find answers to all your questions. Will I be able to drive? What help will I need and what is available? Will my car need to be adapted?

At Get Going Live! you’ll gain friendly expert advice from choosing an instructor with specialist experience to finding out about the adaptation options and vehicles that are right for you. And before you get behind the wheel you can test your reactions to different road conditions and potential hazards at the Autoadapt Driver Test Station.

You must be over 14 to test drive, although younger prospective learners are welcome to practise transferring and familiarising themselves with controls.

You’ll meet Aaron Morgan, Britain’s youngest disabled person to gain a motorsport racing licence who’ll be at the event to inspire and chat about his passion for the sport.

As well as the core focus on driving there are thrilling experiences including adapted all-terrain vehicles, 4×4 and skid cars and enter the draw for a special VIP skid car experience with the D&S Events’ team.

There’s accessible cycling too, which all the family can try. Empowered People and Quest 88 will have a range of accessible cycles to try. There’ll be advice, training and support for new cyclists and those re-engaging with cycling after injury or illness.

Jointly organised by Disabled Motoring UK and Mobility Choice, the charity behind the annual Mobility Roadshow, it has a very clear mission: to help young and newly disabled people become independently mobile and plan for their first adapted car.

You can register now at or call 01344 750 400/01508 489 449.

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