Hundreds of tributes for global humanitarian and war hero Leonard Cheshire’s 100th birthday

Leading charity Leonard Cheshire Disability is celebrating its founder and war hero’s 100th birthday with its ‘100 for 100’ challenge launching this week.

The charity is calling on people to harness their creativity to do anything involving the number 100. Pledges have already poured in, ranging from visiting 100 new places to eating as many crackers as possible in 100 seconds. Other pledges include going on 100 walks, watching 100 Disney films, going to the gym 100 times, creating 100 pieces of art, and singing 100 karaoke songs.

Those taking on the challenge are sharing it on social media using the hashtag #100for100, tagging two friends to join the fun with their own #100for100 challenge.

Leonard Cheshire Disability hopes the diverse range of #100for100 challenges will reflect the diversity of disability. It wants as many people as possible to take part, to raise awareness of Leonard Cheshire’s belief that disabled people should be able fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose.

Leslie McLeese, team leader at the charity’s youth service YouthAbility said:

“We’ve had so many of the young people signing up. Why I like this 100 for 100 challenge is that it involves everyone: our volunteers, staff and young people, bringing us all together as equals, in a fun and collective team. Everyone gets to have an active part and express themselves through their 100 for 100”.

Group Captain Leonard Cheshire would have been 100 years old in September this year, but sadly passed away in 1992 after almost half a century of humanitarian work supporting disabled people around the world.

Continuing his legacy, the charity currently runs care services globally, and also has specific projects to widen education and employment opportunities for disabled people.

Fundraising from #100for100 challenges will support this work, including   funding for people to access activities, innovative equipment and therapies which would not be supplied by social care.

One of the cutest ideas so far has come from Jen Sweeney, who works on the charity’s community engagement team. Jen and her cockapoo dog Maisey are joining forces for #100for100. Jen said:

“Maisey is approaching four years old and she loves people. When I visit Leonard Cheshire services, I’ve noted that dogs are very well liked by some of our residents and of course they can be very therapeutic. So with this in mind I am looking at Maisey meeting 100 of our residents throughout 2017.”

Mordechai ben Ezra, who works as Leonard Cheshire’s people assistant is teaching 100 vocabulary in British Sign Language to his team.

The charity’s learning and development admin team, based in Wolverhampton, are aiming to loose 100lbs between them. Senior training administrator Christine Tedstone said:

“This means an average of 20lbs each so we would like our colleagues to refrain from tempting us with cakes, sweets and chocolates as we are very easily led astray”.

Participants can share their #100for100 challenge and find out more at:

The charity is asking people to fundraise by asking friends and family to text CHALLENGE to 70313 to donate £3 to support their #100for100 efforts!

Leonard Cheshire Disability is the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of services for disabled people. Our services include high-quality care and community support together with innovative projects supporting disabled people into education, employment and entrepreneurship. Worldwide, our global alliance of Cheshire partners supports disabled people into education and employment, and works in more than 50 countries. Visit: or follow us on Twitter: @LeonardCheshire.

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