How To Choose The Right Residential Care Home

Making the decision to move to a residential care facility can be huge. The team at care provider Hillcrest Learning Disabilities stop by to offer some tips on making sure you get the right residential care home for your needs.

Deciding to invest in a residential care home for a loved one can be a difficult decision to make, whilst actually choosing a home can be even more daunting. The truth is that utilising residential care for someone with learning disabilities can be the best decision for both the individual and their family. With the right choice of housing, your loved one can thrive and develop while family members can enjoy the time they have with the individual rather than worrying whether the correct level of care is being given.

There are a few things to consider and enquire about when deciding which residential home is the best choice for your circumstances:

Level of Support Available

It is important to enquire about how the staff plan to support the individual needs of your relative. It wouldn’t be sensible to invest in a centre that caters for mental health when your relative requires assistance for learning disabilities.




It would also be a good idea to discuss in detail how much time staff spend focusing on each person, and how they go about catering to specific needs.

The Emotional Impact

The emotional impact does not only affect the individual in question as the family who have been implementing care up until that point could also be effected. Finding a residential home that caters to both parties is important. You need to know that you will be treated with consideration as well as the person entering into the care environment.


Positive emotional aspects of utilising a residential home include improving self-esteem by being surrounded by a supportive team alongside offering the opportunity to establish life-long friendships. Some homes encourage individuals to learn a level of independence so the strain taken off the family who had previously been caring for the individual is clear to see.

How To Build A Home Away From Home 

Entering a new home can be daunting for anyone, regardless of the positive aspects. Finding an area that can be personalised creates a calm atmosphere and can help service users feel comfortable and in control.

Home away from home



Finding a service that induces the perfect atmosphere can be the most difficult part, but do not stop looking until you have found the best place for you and your loved one. Visit as many centres as needed to make the right decision for your circumstance. There is no tick-list for this part, you have to go with your gut feeling.

There are care companies that invest in multiple residential homes; Hillcrest Learning Disabilities, for example, have a variety of residential care properties in numerous locations that specifically cater to a variety of needs. Dedicated to helping individuals make the most out of life, along with a passionate team who meet all of the above criteria, Hillcrest are certainly one of the options to look into in more depth.

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