High performance athletes join UK Sports Association’s My Sport, My Voice!

Swimmer Katie Nesbitt, one of the 11 athletes signed up as ambassadors for the My Sport, My Voice campaign

Swimmer Katie Nesbitt, one of the 11 athletes signed up as ambassadors for the My Sport, My Voice campaign

The UK Sports Association is delighted to announce that 11 high performance athletes have joined the national campaign, My Sport, My Voice!

Many of the 11 Athlete Reps are rising stars in their sport and have been selected for supporting roles in the project, which officially launched in March 2015 with 13 Athlete Ambassadors.

Thanks to funding from Spirit of 2012, a trust set up to sustain the spirit and opportunities from the London 2012 Games, My Sport, My Voice! is raising the profile of the UK’s elite athletes with learning disability by providing a platform to showcase their sporting achievements and inspire others to succeed.

The project is backed by the UK Sports Association’s partners in each country of the UK; English Federation of Disability Sport, Scottish Disability Sport, Disability Sport Wales, and Disability Sports Northern Ireland, as well as our member organisations.

Tracey McCillen, Chief Executive at the UK Sports Association said: “I was thrilled to announce our 13 Athlete Ambassadors in March and I am equally delighted to now be in a position to reveal our 11 Athlete Reps.

“The Athlete Reps are an important part of My Sport, My Voice! and many of them have competed at the very highest level in their sport, whilst the others are aspiring stars of tomorrow. They all have some incredible experiences to share, both in and out of the sporting arena and are working hard to make their mark in sport.

“My Sport, My Voice! provides a platform for all our athletes to share their experiences, to inspire others and to raise the profile of athletes with learning disability, all of which will help to change perceptions of people with learning disability.

“The athletes are at the very centre of the project and through a variety of activities and engagement are having their voices heard whilst demonstrating with the right approach and support, people with learning disability can and will excel.”

Debbie Lye, Chief Executive at Spirit of 2012 said: “My Sport, My Voice! is all about creating a positive, lasting legacy from the London 2012 Games through challenging perceptions of disability through the efforts of some fantastic athletes. We are delighted to fund this project and many others which empower people to get out, be involved and feel better.”

The Athlete Ambassadors are co-delivering workshops in their regions and countries whilst representing the programme in the media to educate and enlighten not just the sporting community but the wider general public too. The Reps are working in a supporting role to assist the Ambassadors.

To find out more visit: www.uksportsassociation.org/mysportmyvoice.

The 11 athletes announced are:


Name of Rep






Neill Collins


GB – Athletics




Chloe Davies


GB – Swimming




Holly Durbidge


GB – Athletics




Sabrina Fortune


Wales – Athletics




Shain Lewis


GB – Tennis




Earl McRae


Wales – Athletics




Owen Miller


GB – Athletics




Katie Nesbitt


GB – Swimming




Daniel Pass


GB – Athletics




Joseph Schenk


GB – Swimming




Aidan Turnbull


GB – Athletics


Tyne and Wear

The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (UKSA) is the national disability sports organisation and umbrella body in the UK for sport and people with learning disability. UKSA promotes, supports and facilitates talented sports people with learning disability in the UK to train, compete and excel in national and international sport and is the body responsible for eligibility and classification of athletes from the UK. UKSA is recognised by UK Sport, is a member of the British Paralympic Association and is the official Great Britain member of Inas. See uksportsassociation.org

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