Headphones Support Deaf Children’s Charity

NDCS-logoThere are over 45,000 deaf children in the UK mostly born to hearing parents with no experience of how to communicate with a deaf person.

The National Deaf Children’s Charity, who help deaf children and their familes thrive by providing impartial practical and emotional support, is to receive pledges from a specialist manufacturer of Hearing Loss products.

For the next three months amplicomms, the specialist manufacturer of Assistive Technology products, announced their support for the NDCS, by pledging £3 from the sale of every HS100 LR Headphones purchased during this promotional period.

Designed for people with hearing loss the HS100 LR will help those who normally struggle to hear the television, or sounds from other sources. The HS100 has an output up to 106dB with separate volume controls for the right and left sides. Music and sound can be enjoyed with individual precision and perfect Stereo balance by people with monaural or uneven binaural hearing loss.

Commenting on the partnership, Matthew Coleman, NDCS Corporate Partnerships Executive said, “We are very grateful to Amplicomms for choosing to support NDCS in improving the lives of deaf children and young people across the UK.

“Every penny raised through sales of the HS100 LR Headphones  will help us deliver a range of services for families, including weekends for families whose child has just been diagnosed as deaf. These weekends are a lifeline for many parents, providing them with emotional support and much-needed information about their child’s deafness.”

Ran Meyrav, amplicomms European Sales Director also commented saying, “We are proud to be a supporter of the NDCS Charity.  We believe the support they offer to families of deaf children has a profoundly positive impact.  We hope this will be a success at raising funds for a much needed service“

The charity currently loan out amplicomms equipment, allowing families to experience a products benefits before making the commitment to buy.

Donations will begin in September.
The HS100 LR headset is available: £29.99
from: actiononhearingloss.org.uk Tel: 03330 144 525

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