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Sue Browning SIA

SIA CEO Sue Browning

As a user-led charity the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) believes that the views of its members are vital to the development of the charity and the support they offer, which is why they are launching their first membership Census.

The national charity, dedicated to supporting everyone affected by spinal cord injury, is carrying out this Census to identify the biggest issues facing their members today. The results of the Census will help to inform SIA’s future priorities and direction, including the development of services and the planning of campaigning activities. The Census is available for members to complete throughout November and December.

SIA’s CEO Sue Browning says of the census: “As a charity for spinal cord injured people by spinal cord injured people, it is important to give our members a chance to have their say in future developments on a regular basis and taking part in our Census is a great way of achieving this. We are excited to find out what members think of their charity, currently, and what they need from us in the future.”

The Census only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and the information provided will be anonymous. As well as giving members the chance to input into the development of the charity, all completed responses will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 Amazon gift voucher  perfect to start the New Year with.

If you are an SIA member you can take part in the Census at www.spinal.co.uk/your-community/haveyoursay

If you want to take part in the Census but are not currently a member, you can join the charity, for free, at www.spinal.co.uk/your-community/join_sia

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