Hannahs launches services at Seale-Hayne

hannahs_charityDo you know anybody with a disability who might be looking for help? Do you have a friend or family member who has suffered a brain injury or a stroke, has autism, ADHD or challenging behaviour , or perhaps facing uncertainty of reaching 18 without a clear future plan? Hannahs at Seale-Hayne has launched two new innovative services to provide help and support.

REACH is a new clinical outreach service, in a non-clinical setting, for individuals and families of all ages with a range of disabilities and support needs. Hannahs’ new innovative service offers a comprehensive service of assessment, diagnosis, intervention, consultancy, advice and support for individuals with a range of disabilities and support needs.

There are three dimensions to this service which are assessment, formulation and intervention. Once the clinical psychologist has assessed a person and fully understood the problem they will formulate a plan and then deliver the appropriate therapy.

The open-minded and approachable clinical team includes Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and medical and nursing staff. Their expertise covers paediatric and adult neuro-disability, acquired brain injury, autistic spectrum conditions, ADHD, challenging behaviour, complex physical and multiple learning disabilities, mental health, alternative and augmentative communication and cerebral palsy.

TRANSITION H is an innovative transition project for young people with neurological disabilities who need help and support with the tricky transition from school to further education, training, employment and a life of value. The aim is to help those who require both immediate and short-term intervention and long-term support in the areas of Education, life opportunities and learning skills at home or in the community to facilitate their effective transition to adulthood.

Hannahs works in partnership with individuals, families, carers and the full range of networks to develop a continuum of services that will best represent the needs and rights of those children and young people and allow them to participate in a full and active way that is reflective of their wishes and abilities.

Marie Savery has a 16 year old son called Charlie who has just left school. Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumour just before his third birthday and has undergone surgery several times since and been left with visual impairment and learning difficulties. Charlie was unable to access his local college of further education but wanted to continue his Education, broaden his horizons, meet new people and learn new skills. He was assessed at Seale-Hayne and attended several taster sessions such as Archery and Horticulture. In September he started a programme tailored to suit his needs with three sessions a week. His mother said “When Charlie was in mainstream school he wasn’t happy and he lost all motivation. It was really hard to make him look forward. With the encouragement of people at Seale-Hayne, he tried some taster sessions. His world has now been turned around and he is looking forward to a full life”.

Hannahs is committed to supporting and enabling vulnerable people with complex needs and dedicated to providing a seamless and stress free service from start to finish and beyond. For more information contact James Tonks on 01626 325847 or email james.tonks@discoverhannahs.org


Hannahs has been enriching the lives of children and young people for more than 200 years. One of the UK’s oldest charities, Hannahs is dedicated to empowering children, young people and adults with a range of disabilities. Find out more at www.discoverhannahs.org

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