Hannahs Guest Take to the Dancefloor

Clair Beckett (centre) with her dance group

Clair Beckett (centre) with her dance group

A group of Hannahs guests have started dance lessons at Seale-Hayne. The dance workshops are being run by Clair Beckett every Wednesday and they are proving very popular.

The Hannahs dance group, whose members all have a range of disabilities, is taking part in a six week research project funded by the Arts Council to create a new play, written by Nick Stimson. The play is about the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust and Seale-Hayne, tracing their histories from the beginning up to the present day.

The dance students are working with Clair Beckett to create choreography based on stories of their own. By the end of six weeks their choreography will be documented and will form an integral part of the final performance. The play will be performed at Seale-Hayne next year, involving members of the local community and Seale-Hayne.

Find out more about Hannahs at discoverhannahs.org

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