Hannahs celebrates new sensory room

Staff and young adults at Hannahs in Ivybridge are seeing great benefits from their state-of-the-art sensory room, created by sensory equipment specialists, Experia.

The charity, which has two sites in Devon, provides care for children and young adults with profound and multiple physical and learning difficulties. Hannahs approached Experia to create a tailored sensory room for its residents as it wanted something original which would be suitable for young adults.

The room was installed in Hannahwood, Hannahs’ young adult provision, which helps students transition from adolescence to adulthood by providing care, therapy and learning opportunities for adults aged 19 and over.

Users of the sensory room range from individuals who are able to walk independently to those who have very restricted body movement. The room was created using Experia’s Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) technology, which can be tailored to simulate environments such as sky-diving or underwater, to enhance sensory learning.

Experia’s wireless technology allows people to control the room themselves through the use of iPads and switches, which promotes independence. Being able to control their environments promotes self-awareness among users and allows individuals to increase their skills in a calm environment.

Bex Marshall, Activities and Events Manager at Hannahs, said: “The sensory room has had a huge impact on a range of users here in Hannahwood and helps encourage independence amongst users, allowing them to stay in their peer groups to learn. We use the room for our weekly college groups as it provides a chilled-out atmosphere which increases engagement with tasks.

“The room has had a great effect on users’ behaviours, especially in helping some users come out of agitated behaviour. The young adults who use the room feel empowered as they are able to control the settings and we’ve seen a positive reaction from those who wouldn’t normally have used the room thanks to the environmental controls.”

Gareth Jones, Director of Experia, said: “This was a great project to work on and I am so pleased that users at Discover Hannah’s are benefitting from the room already. We wanted to create a sensory room which would be both an engaging learning space and also a calm environment where the young adults can relax. It’s always so rewarding to hear what a difference having access to sensory equipment makes and the feedback from the team at Discover Hannah’s has been fantastic.”

Experia is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and installers of sensory equipment, creating products to assist those with sensory development. The company works with health professionals, teachers and parents across the country to create tailored packages to enable individuals to develop their sensory needs, including state-of-the-art rooms featuring a range of innovative products such as wireless technology and MILE.

Hannahs was founded in 1767 and has been helping children and young people for 250 years. Working across two sites in Devon – at Ivybridge, about 11 miles from Plymouth and at Seale-Hayne on the outskirts of Newton Abbot – Hannahs provides learning, care, support and real choice to children and adults with a range of disabilities.

Founded in 2005, Experia is based in Grimethorpe, Barnsley and is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of sensory equipment. Its wide range of multi-sensory products include:

o   Off the-shelf room packages

o   Sensory Pools

o   Multi Sensory Interactive Learning Environment (M.I.L.E)

o   Soft Play Environments

o   Interactive Floor Surface Multi-Projector Systems

o   Groundbreaking Wireless iRiS product range

For further information, visit www.experia-innovations.co.uk

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