Habinteg leads major European project testing new technology in tenants’ homes

Habinteg_logoHigh tech innovations trialled to improve independent living

Leaders of a major European independent living project, Habinteg Housing Association are starting practical tests of innovative new household technology this month. These high tech solutions aim to make everyday tasks much easier for disabled and older people.

The accessible housing experts are representing the UK on the I-stay@home programme alongside partner organisations from France, Germany, Holland and Belgium. 180 tenants across Europe will be trying out a range of gadgets and judging their usefulness, reliability and value for money in supporting independent living.

Habinteg is rolling out the trials in the UK with 22 Habinteg tenants from across London taking part. They will be testing a variety of technology including:

  • a robotic vacuum cleaner
  • a motion sensor for detecting falls
  • wireless cameras for identifying visitors at the front door
  • wireless light switches
  • energy monitors and online apps for banking and shopping

Tenants simply control the equipment through a tablet computer with the technology at their fingertips.

Research from phase one of the I-stay@home project in 2013 found that disabled and older people are keen to use new technology to help them lead more independent lives, as long as the products are affordable and user friendly. The survey revealed that 60% were open to using new technologies to help them in their home.

Habinteg Research and Policy Manager Glen Joseph said:

“Independent living is central to Habinteg’s vision. That’s why we’re really pleased that we’re leading this practical phase of the project. Our tenants are looking forward to using the technology to see if it can make their lives easier.

“The feedback we are gathering is helping us explain the positive impact that technology is having on people’s everyday lives.  As the UK representative on I-stay@home, we will use this research to make the case for effective tech solutions for tenants in the social housing sector and beyond.”

Tenant product tester Bill Smalley said:

“I’m really pleased to be trying out this technology. The vacuum cleaner is excellent and is already saving me and my wife time with jobs around the house. This was certainly more difficult before so we’re already seeing the benefit.

“I’m all for this project and I know that other tenants would be helped by these new ideas. If we can help other people in future with this testing that would be fantastic“.

Trials take place over a 10 month period with full analysis provided by all European partners early in 2015.

For full details of the work of the I-stay@home project, please visit the partnership’s website at www.i-stay-home.eu. Tenant survey videos can be accessed at www.habinteg.org.uk

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