Government Petitioned Over Mobility Scooter Insurance

mobility scooterA mobility equipment information site has petitioned the government in an effort to make insurance cover a legal requirement for scooter users in the UK. decided to launch the petition after an overwhelming response to a poll hosted on the HMM site. Of 234 people surveyed, a comprehensive 71% said that they would support moves to make mobility scooter cover compulsory.

The site’s director, Jason Tate, describes how vital such cover can be.

“People losing their homes due to legal costs, people being left housebound because of the theft or vandalism of a machine they had relied upon; these are some of the stories we encounter on an all too regular basis,” he said.

“The mental anguish that accompanies these scenarios is immeasurable, and what makes it worse is that it is so easily avoided. Introducing compulsory mobility scooter insurance would put a stop to this, and help make the roads and pavements of the UK a safer place for all users.”

The number of mobility scooters being operated in Britain is on the increase, having shot up from 70,000 to 300,000 in just five years. The Help My Mobility team feel that compulsory insurance is necessary to sustain what is an ever-growing demographic.

To view the petition, and to sign it, visit the dedicated page via this link.

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