Gold standard for Penzance care home

Diane Scrivener of St Teresa's, Leonard Cheshire Disability

Diane Scrivener, Nurse Team Leader at St Teresa’s, Leonard Cheshire Disability

St Teresa’s, a Leonard Cheshire Disability home in Penzance, has been recognised for its high standard of care.

The care home in Long Rock is one of 40 homes across the UK to win a Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes Quality Hallmark Award for the second time.

This has been granted three years after it was first recognised for the excellent way it cares for its 27 residents and its approach to end of life care.

To qualify for the accreditation, the service had to show how they met the criteria in different 20 areas, ranging from leadership and support to dignity and respect, as well as submit a portfolio of evidence.

Diane Scrivener,Nurse Team Leader at St Teresa’s, has been responsible for changing the way in which the care is delivered at the service to ensure a better quality of life for the residents.

Everyone in the home, ranging from nurses to the activities coordinator and catering staff, are involved in regular reviews with the residents. All aspects of their lives are considered including spiritual beliefs, personal interests and care preferences.

This holistic approach has already proved successful. Residents actively take part in music therapy sessions and enjoy the sensory equipment.

Staff talk to people living at the service about their end of life care, giving them the opportunity to make decisions and say what they want. This has helped the residents to feel secure that they will be comfortable and their preferences considered at this time.

Diane says: “The people at the home are all different ages so we have adapted the concepts of the Gold Standards Framework in care homes to suit the individual needs of our residents. We aim to deliver an individualised Gold standard package of care throughout their life.

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this accreditation again and this is a credit to our hard working staff who helped to make it happen. I feel very proud to be part of St Teresa’s.”

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