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This morning in the Enable office, we decided to do something to help someone else. We know that we’re pretty guilty sometimes of obsessing over our own lives, which is why we’ve signed up to sponsor a puppy through its guide dog training with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Associaton.

We’re going to be sponsoring a handsome young pup called Flint. He’s a Labrador/retriever cross and has bags of personality. If he gets through his training successfully, he’ll be giving a blind or visually impaired person a new sense of independence that perhaps they haven’t felt for a long time.

We’re going to be contributing towards Flint’s training and supporting his eventual partnership. For as little as £1 a week, sponsors like us help support pups like Flint through 20 months of training, and seven years of support before retirement – it costs the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association £50,000 on average to support a dog throughout its lifetime.

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. This can be a terrifying, worrying and isolating experience, something Guide Dogs want to change. The charity trains dogs which are paired with a blind or partially sighted person, helping them to negotiate a world they can’t see. This might mean accompanying them to the shops, helping them around the home, crossing roads, and helping with many tasks that their partner might usually rely on friends, family or carers for. A guide dog’s help can be totally transformative, and we’re delighted to be playing some small part in that.

We all have the power to change someone else’s life, whether this is by sponsoring a puppy like Flint, volunteering in a local charity shop, donating to a local charitable organisation or setting up a scheme to help people in your area. Why don’t you read out today and offer your support to someone who needs it?

To find out more about sponsoring a puppy through Guide Dogs, head to

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