Give Where You Live: a new approach to charitable giving

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National disability charity United Response launches ‘Give Where You Live’, a new interactive web platform that helps people find opportunities to make a difference in their local area.

These are difficult times for many charities. We are operating in a challenging financial climate, where both local authority budgets and individuals’ disposable incomes are increasingly squeezed.

Additionally, recent controversies such as the Cup Trust scandal, the fees paid to fundraising agencies and allegations of volunteering as job-substitution have led to a decline in public trust, and the questioning of our techniques and methods, as well as our ethics and transparency.

Far from attempting to address some of these very valid concerns, in an increasingly time-poor world many recent innovations in giving have focused on making the process as seamless and frictionless as possible.

Whether it’s charity collection boxes on shop counters, the National Lottery, or more recent trends such as instant text giving and ‘give while you shop online/invest/gamble/search the web’, the movement appears to be away from building meaningful connections between donors and the ‘cause’, and towards making the mechanics of giving so integrated into our everyday lives that the actual charity itself and the cause it represents become secondary.

This is particularly true where the individual amounts are small. To take one example: millions are raised every year in the UK through collection tins on shop counters – but can you remember the name of the charity you donated your last 5p to?

Give Where You Live (, a brand new interactive web platform from national disability charity United Response, is an attempt to respond to some of these issues. While, as a leading social care provider, most of our funds come from local authority contracts, United Response actively fundraises for projects, equipment and activities that make a real difference between a daily existence and a fulfilling life for people with disabilities, as well as for projects that support those who are ineligible for statutory funding but would benefit enormously from just a little bit of help.

United Response believe that everyone has the right to know exactly how the valuable time and money they contribute to a charity makes an impact, and so Give Where You Live champions local, transparent and above all inspiring giving by helping people to connect with projects and causes that they care about and want to support, safe in the knowledge that 100% of the funds raised are used locally.

Through the use of an interactive map, Give Where You Live provides people with information on projects that are happening in their local area, what their needs are and how they can help. They can then donate towards specific projects or items of equipment, read about how their donations have made a difference to people’s lives, sign up for a community event, and explore stories of the achievements of people we support.

The platform also allows people to find opportunities to volunteer their time by searching for projects and individuals who need a helping hand in their local community – whether they’re looking for a ‘buddy’ to go with them to the football, or someone to help out with gardening or using a computer.

United ResponseIn short, Give Where You Live is about re-connecting people with their communities and the causes they care about, acknowledging that everyone has something different to give, but has a common right to know how their ‘bit’ is making a difference. To find out more about Give Where You Live, visit: or contact Martyn Weeds on:

Martyn Weeds
Fundraising Manager
United Response

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