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argosThe independent living marketplace is brimming with products, gadget and gizmos all saying they’ll make life easier for individuals with disabilities – and trying to decide what’s best for you can be overwhelming.

Which is why retail giants Argos have launched a range of buying guides as part of their Independent Living department.

Earlier this year, Argos launched a new focus on products for elderly and disabled people, ranging from mobility aids to furniture.

The online buying guides help to ensure that consumers are informed before investing in specialist products that will boost their independence, confidence and quality of life.

The guides include information on mobility aids, health and wellbeing, leisure time, electronics and home living aids. So whether you’re keen to find out the access features on a tablet computer or you’re after a riser recliner chair, there’s lots of info available online to make the buying process either.

The comprehensive guides have been designed to be easily understandable, and to answer any questions you might have about the range of products out there. The wheelchair section, for instance, talks you through self-propelled, transit and electric chairs, what you have to consider before you purchase such as your height and weight, and gives you an idea of some of the more helpful features to look out for.

To check out the full range of guides, head to the Argos Independent Living pages now and prepare to feel inspired.

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