Get out of bed unaided with Rota-Pro®

Enable Jun 16 - Get out of Bed - Unaided

Getting into and out of bed can be a challenge for many people, Nexus DMS believes this shouldn’t be the case.

Nexus has developed an innovative solution to this problem – Rota-Pro® rotational chair bed. Rota-Pro®’s design philosophy is “Mobility, Dignity, Independence”. It keeps users mobile by helping them move from lying down into an upright chair position and finally to standing in a smooth and comfortable motion.

Rota-Pro® is a simple means of transfer which enables its user to get themselves into and out of bed, without assistance, preserving their dignity and providing an independent living solution.

Order from stock today by calling Nexus on 01905 774 695 and regain your independence.

More information is available on the Nexus website HERE.


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