General Election 2015: What do the results mean?


It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours in British politics. The General Election has finally been and gone, and the results have been somewhat mind-boggling. The SNP won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland, Nigel Farage has stepped down from UKIP, the Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg followed suit and Ed Miliband looks set to follow. And before we even get the final few constituencies’ results, David Cameron’s Conservatives are forecast to win the majority of Parliament’s 650 seats, meaning a second term for the Tories without the Liberal Democrats working along side them.

Another four-to-five years of Tory rule means a lot of things – not to mention many new faces in the Houses of Parliament. In their manifesto, they Conservatives have promised better internet access, they’ve said graduates won’t have to pay back student loans until they’re earning £21k, they’re setting up a nationwide volunteering service for young people and they’re bringing back the Right to Buy. They’ve also promised a 7-day NHS and investment in the health service.

But, as ever, only time will tell whether or not these manifesto promises come to fruition. We took to Twitter to ask our followers what they though the new Tory majority Parliament meant for them – and the response wasn’t very positive…

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