Fuel your adventure with MyHailo – at a special discounted price!

Refuelling your car when you have a disability can be tricky. Over the years, many drivers have taken to hanging out of their window waving their blue badge to get assistance from petrol station staff – but there’s a new service on the market to change all that.

The MyHailo key fob allows you to summon assistance literally at the touch of a button. A beacon in the window of the petrol station will first glow red to alert staff, then green to let you know that someone is on their way.

The rest is easy – you stay in your car, and a member of staff will refuel your car for you. Simple!

Already supported by Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and the Co-operative, with more to come, the fob can be used at petrol stations nationwide. Check the MyHailo site to search for participating stations in your area.

The fob costs just £14.95 – but Enable readers can get a special discounted price! Quote ENABLE17 on the MyHailo website or over the phone to get your MyHailo for £9.95.

Head to www.myhailo.co.uk now to get your hands on this fantastic product, or call 01732 223 900.

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