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Three years, 80 entrants, 28 countries, 11 judges and five finalists: the winner of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge, set to win $1 million, will be announced tomorrow.

On Thursday 17 December, the world will find out who the winner of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge from the five finalists who made it to the finishing line.

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This three-year global challenge saw innovators from around the world submit game-changing technologies to improve the lives of people with lower limb paralysis. 

Finalists include teams from Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and two entrants hailing from the United States, all who have been developing their ideas with mentors and subject matter experts over the last two years. 

The inventions from all finalists are innovative and look set to change the landscape of disability mobility. 


Judges will have to decide from an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair made from carbon fibre (Phoenix Instinct); Wheem-i (Wheelchairs Mobility Interface). The first mobility service created for wheelchair users. It’s is a cycle share scheme equivalent (ItalDesign); EvoWalk, a smart wearable leg sleeve that helps people with partial lower limb paralysis regain their mobility (Evolution Devices); the Qolo (Quality of Life with Locomotion), a standing device to allow users to sit or stand effectively (Team Qolo); and, Quix, a robotic, powered exoskeleton with motors at the hips, knees and ankles, as well as additional actuators offering someone with lower-limb paralysis fast, stable, and agile upright mobility (IHMC & MYOLYN).

Each finalist has had the last three years to create their concept, design and test, with the Mobility Unlimited Challenge event set to take place at 2pm GMT, 17 December seeing one team crowned winners.

One of the five finalists will receive $1 million to bring their device to market and improve the mobility and independence of millions of people with lower-limb paralysis.

The event will see speeches from journalist Sophie Morgan, member of the Toyota Motor Corporation board, Sir Philip Craven and Toyota Research Institute’s chief executive officer, Dr. Gill Pratt.


Supporting radical movements in technology to support the mobility and independence of people with lower-limb paralysis.

Mobility Unlimited Challenge was created to provide a platform for more mobility devices to be created and made available to the disabled community, and to, ultimately, change lives. 

The Mobility Unlimited Challenge aims to harness creative thinking from across the world to accelerate innovation and encourage collaboration with end-users, resulting in devices that will integrate seamlessly into users’ lives and environments, enabling greater independence and increased participation in daily life.

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