Former Police Officers Teach Young People Personal Safety Skills

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Guildford charity the halow project has announced that a group of young people with a learning disability have recently successfully completed a personal safety skills course.

Two former police officers, who now run a company called Shield Associates, met halow at a Surrey Chamber networking event and volunteered their time for the young people that halow supports.

Shield Associates delivers a range of consultancy services, comprehensive and detailed risk assessment, bespoke training development and effective protection services to ensure the safety and security of individuals, and company employees. Most of the trainers are former senior Metropolitan police officers and Special Forces personnel.

The two sessions Shield ran for halow covered a range of topics, tips and techniques including what individuals should do in a confrontational situation – how to try and avoid it and how to remove yourself from it if it should happen. It also covered security in and around the house which was of particular interest to the young people.

halow young people not only enjoyed the two sessions, they also got expert, practical advice that they can use in the unlikely event of a potentially hostile situation. One of the young people, Chim said: “I really enjoyed the course, it was fun and very useful – I now know how to get out of a bad situation.”

Another halow young person, Jay commented: “the course was good and the teachers were very nice. It can be scary but the things they showed us were clear and sensible.”

halow is committed to supporting young people with a learning disability to have the same life choices and chances as any other young person. The charity aims to put young people in the driving seat and help them take control of their own lives by providing opportunities and support to:

  • make and meet friends through social activities
  • build confidence and life skills
  • access meaningful work and homes of their own

If you would like further information on halow please visit: or call 01483 447960.

For more information on Shield Associates please visit:

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