Fancy dress suits benefit kids with autism

New research has shown that, sometimes, fancy dress isn’t just good for Halloween! All-in-one Lycra body suits Morphsuits have proven to benefit children with autism, according to a study carried out by a leading UK psychologist.

After receiving praise from parents regarding the fancy dress suits favoured by Halloween ‘guisers and sports fans, the team behind Morphsuits got in touch with leading psychology expert Dr David Holmes. Dr Holmes carried out some research and found that, being covered head to toe, children were able to come out of their shell. The suits were also discovered to have a positive impact on autistic children – it is thought that the light pressure of the suit on their skin brings a sense of comfort.

Dr Holmes commented: “With Morphsuits, kids get the combined benefits of two things: the all round security they felt in romper suits when they were younger and the mystery and magic of the costume mask from fantasy media, which adds both playful mystique and anonymity.

“Morphsuits give children the chance to be who they want to be; secure and unidentifiable to both bullies or those wishing to drag them back to the mundane. The outfits encourage kids to live out their fantasies in confidence and safety as well as helping them network and connect with their mates who also wear them.”

Dr. Tim Trodd, a specialist in Family Medicine and Autism added: “I think that it is likely that the suits are applying firm all-over pressure and the autistic wearers find this calming, in the same way that a baby is calmed by swaddling.”

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