Drink-Rite – the safer hydration delivery system

The Drink-Rite system provides a controlled limited flow of fluid of 5cc or 10cc into the mouth without the user having to tilt their head.  It is designed for anyone  with swallowing problems,  children with development issues will also benefit from the design features of Drink-Rite.

  • Available in cup or beaker options each provided with 5cc and 10cc inserts.
  • Suitable for users who cannot tolerate thickened fluids.
  • Suitable for stage 1 thickened fluids (tested with ‘Fresubin thickened Stage 1’).
  • A safer option for users with dementia or learning difficulties to prevent ‘glugging’ (drinking too quickly).
  • Bite-safe and shatterproof.
  • Domestic Dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal for domestic as well as nursing home use.
  • CE Marked.
OS FSA 5301 Drink-Rite Cup Comprising of cup, 5cc insert & 10cc insert
OS FSA 5302 Drink-Rite Beaker Comprising of beaker, 5cc insert & 10cc insert

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To find out more about the Drink-Rite system, please call Kapitex Customer Service on (01937) 580 211 or visit our web site  and online shop  www.kapitex.com

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