Dr Hilary Jones Helps Patients Manage Their Medication with Revolutionary PillTime.co.uk Pouch System



PillTime.co.uk, the new revolutionary way to take your medicines, are pleased to announce that GP and Breakfast TV’s Dr Hilary Jones has joined the team as an Independent Medical Advisor. Pill Time.co.uk aims to help patients manage their medication better and get the best outcome for their health with their all new pouch system.

In the UK alone, there are 14.6 million patients who are on repeat medication. Of those, some 11.6 million are over 65 years old and will be prescribed more than five ‘regular’ items on their prescription. It is believed that some 50% of people do not take their medication correctly and this percentage increases with both age and the number of medicines prescribed. People not taking medicines as prescribed is estimated to cost the NHS £500 million every year (in addition to the enormous annual cost of wasted medication which stands at around £300 million). 

Dr Hilary Jones said: PillTime.co.uk is one of the most significant advances in healthcare for those on repeat prescriptions that I have seen. The potential for people who take multiple medications to make mistakes in timing or dosage is high and this leads to avoidable, but sometimes serious complications. PillTime.co.uk is a very reliable way to ensure that you take the right medication and at the right time.”


How does it work?

By subscribing to PillTime.co.uk, a patient’s medication is dispensed in easy to open pouches, organised in the order that you need to take them. Each pouch in a PillTime box is clearly marked with the correct date and time of when the dose should be taken, making it easy to remember to take all of your tablets at the right time, every time and providing peace of mind.

A free service, PillTime.co.uk offers prescriptions direct from the doctor, pre-packed by a team of experienced pharmacists and delivered discreetly to a patients’ door via tracked mail service. PillTime.co.uk is ideal for people taking multiple medication and offers a helping hand for anyone suffering from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney or heart problems, depression or high blood pressure.

Award-winning Pharmacist Paul Mayberry said: “We are delighted that Dr Hilary is working with us helping patients to stay in control of their medication. Using PillTime.co.uk pouches makes taking multiple medicines easy. We make taking your medicines less confusing, so you can take them exactly as your doctor prescribed and therefore get the best out of them”.


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