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This morning, we posted a story on our website. In it, we appealed to you, our readers, to help us keep disability on the agenda now that the Paralympics Games are over. During the Games, disability came into the spotlight, but our fear is that now it’s all over, people won’t care any more.

How were we going to stop this from happening? By raising awareness via the power of Twitter, of course!

In the hours that followed, the whole thing exploded. We earned retweets and messages of support from media personalities like Fiona Phillips (@realmissfiona), Katie Piper (@KatiePiper_), Jonathan Edwards (@JDE66), PR guru Max Clifford (@maxclifford1) and Hollywood film writer Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar). Paralympians like wheelchair rugby’s Aaron Phipps (@AaronPhippsGBWR) and Pippa Britton (@pippabritton) showed their support. Charities from Contact a Family (@contactafamily) to Sightsavers (@sightsavers) also jumped on board, and then there was you lot – our amazing readers! Speaking up, speaking out and showing the world exactly why keeping disability in the spotlight is so important.

Thousands of eyes will have seen our message. If even a tiny fraction of them sit up and take notice, we’re on our way to making a difference.

Here’s the highlights of what you lot had to say today…

@Elephantinr00m: We want to do all we can to make sure people #dontforget how attitudes to disability can change with the right talk & training. We can help!

@changepeople_: Want to help ensure disability isn’t forgotten after the Paralympics? Tweet #dontforget

@faunawolf: Love the @EnableMagazine #DontForget hash. Definitely important.

@Marc_Bush: @EnableMagazine launch #dontforget hashtag to keep disability and disabled people visible post the #Paralympics #legacy

@mrsnickyclark: A lovely idea from @enablemagazine keeping disability on the agenda post #paralympics #dontforget

@CornwallDC: Disability in Cornwall is always on our mind, great idea @EnableMagazine to keep remembering everyones needs #dontforget #paralympics

@neilmcrowther: Great idea from @EnableMagazine https://enablemagazine.co.uk/?p=865 #dontforget

@samedifference1: Enable Magazine’s campaign to make sure we don’t forget disability after the Paralympics #dontforget

@impeycares: @EnableMagazine we’re right behind you #dontforget

@AAE49: @C4Paralympics you opened the nations eyes PLEASE don’t wait another 4yrs #WheelchairRugbyOnTV #dontforget disabled sport

@maxclifford1: The Paralympics was a good start to changing attitudes towards disability, #dontforget social inclusion is an entitlement for all.

@AbleNotDisabled: It’s the business legacy for people with disabilities we should now focus on #dontforget

@Mouthybird: @EnableMagazine we musn’t forget disability when disability hate crime in the UK is at a record high. Horrendous. Shameful.#dontforget

@gilbylu: Whether striving for #Golds or personal #goals ALL #disabled people need Britain to get behind them & fight for their rights #dontforget

@SR_Millar: “Don’t let disability disappear from the agenda. Keep championing Britain’s disabled people” #dontforget

@nibblet638: Would have loved the job I just had an interview for but the building was sadly inaccessible I was interviewed in a toilet. #dontforget

@alicehallen: Disabilities are a year round issue, not just when there is media coverage. #dontforget support year round

@eskimosie: The Paralympics opened up people’s eyes to disability…let’s keep the positivity going for good #dontforget

@MissKatiePrice: RT im supporting @EnableMagazine’s #dontforgetcampaign – please remember disability after the Paralympics

We’d like to say a huge thank you to every one of your for your support today – we are blown away by how much attention this has earned and how much people want to help spread the word. We think this is a hugely important message and we’re glad you do too. The more people who think about disability, the better. Thank you for being a part of it.

And this is only just the beginning! Let’s keep this going. Get onto Twitter and let the world know why it’s important that they #dontforget about disability. Together, we can make a change.

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