Disabled war veteran to attempt 1,000-mile world record

TGA_andyGroupAndy McIntosh, 42 from Strathaven near Glasgow, is a disabled Army Corporal who will be attempting, on a TGA Breeze mobility scooter, to beat the world record for the ‘Fastest journey from John-O’-Groats to Land’s End on an Electric Mobility Vehicle (individual)’.

Andy served in The Cheshire Regiment for 14 years experiencing front line action in Bosnia, Iraq and Northern Ireland. Originally from Manchester, Andy retired from the Army fully fit to pursue a new career, however in 2008 he discovered he had a very rare and inoperable vascular condition. This means his circulation and mobility is severely restricted, resulting in day-to-day difficulties with independence. Hence Andy and his young family have been supported by several military charities – this world record attempt will aim to raise donations to say thank you for their invaluable assistance. Beginning on the 5th May 2015, Andy will be raising awareness and funds for Poppy Scotland, SSAFA, ABF The Soldier’s Charity, Erskine and Soldiers off the Streets.

Andy will be aiming to drive a TGA Breeze the length of Britain and beat the current world record time for this journey that currently stands at 24 days and 9 hours. He is aiming to complete the challenge in less than 16 days and has strategically planned the route to maximise speed and safety. TGA Mobility – a leading national mobility scooter specialist based in Suffolk, is loaning him an 8mph Breeze S4 GT with extra wider rear wheels and heavy-duty batteries. It is the same model that won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter challenge and helped Andy successfully complete a 100-mile military fundraiser in November 2014. As a prequel to this year’s 1,000-mile challenge, Andy’s last journey demonstrated the proven performance of the Breeze as he drove from Northumberland to the Poppy Scotland office in Edinburgh. Ross Freel and Alan Louden from one of TGA’s retailers, Klyde Mobility based in Wishaw, will once again be assisting him with battery changing and mechanical back-up.

Andy commented: “There have been a lot of tears since receiving the news that my condition is untreatable, but I am a man that never gives up. I’ve been in some very dark places but I won’t let this beat me. This world record attempt will be a real challenge for sure, but gives me a focus to remain positive and ensures I can thank the charities that have been so supportive to my family and I. Despite my walking difficulties and health issues, I am determined to complete this epic journey and raise funds to help fellow disabled servicemen and women. I am so appreciative of TGA loaning me such a sturdy scooter, I know with a Breeze I will have peace of mind when it comes to reliability. During my last challenge the Breeze regularly delivered over 30 miles of range from a single battery charge which is amazing. I have complete faith in my own determination and the reliability of the Breeze.”

Andy’s projected route and estimated timings:

DAY 1: 5th MAY: START – 8:00AM: John O’Groats (TR19 7AA) to Tongue (IV27 4XH) – 63 miles.
DAY 2: 6th MAY: Tongue to Tain (IV19 1BB) – 65 miles.
DAY 3: 7th MAY: Tain to Aviemore (PH22 1LB) – 67 miles.
DAY 4: 8th MAY: Aviemore to Pitlochry (PH16 5BT) – 61 miles.
DAY 5: 9th MAY: Pitlochry to Inverkeithing (KY11 1NG) – 60 miles.
DAY 6: 10th MAY: Inverkeithing to Biggar (ML12 6QW) – 45 miles.
DAY 7: 11th MAY: Biggar to Gretna (DG16 5DH0) – 60 miles.
DAY 8: 12th MAY: Gretna to Kendal (LA9 7DG) – 63 miles.
DAY 9: 13th MAY: Kendal to Southport (PR8 6NJ) – 70 miles.
DAY 10: 14th MAY: Southport to Crewe (CW1 2BD) – 62 miles.
DAY 11: 15th MAY: Crewe to Kidderminster (DY10 3PT) – 74 miles.
DAY 12: 16th MAY: Kidderminster to Lydney (GL15 5HJ) – 68 miles.
DAY 13: 17th MAY: Lydney to Bridgwater (TA6 3LY) – 67 miles.
DAY 14: 18th MAY: Bridgwater to Hatherleigh (EX20 3HB) – 69 miles.
DAY 15: 18th MAY: Hatherleigh to Roche (PL26 8JF) – 61 miles.
DAY 16: 19th MAY: END – 5:00PM: Roche to Land’s End (TR19) – 56 miles.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: “We are fully behind Andy and are delighted to be assisting with fundraising for his chosen military charities. When we supported him on his last challenge, Andy proved his steely determination and stamina. This will be tested to the extreme during this 1,000-mile challenge however we have every confidence he will beat the world record. He has already employed his military expertise and precision during the planning stages so this challenge promises to unfold efficiently. Coupled with our loaned Breeze S4 GT that is proven to deliver 100% reliability and comfort in extreme conditions, Andy should achieve a new world record that will be memorable for all.”

Donate to Andy’s mission here or find out more on his Facebook page here.

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