Disabled people feel ignored but will turn out to vote for the NHS

papworth-logo-new79% of disabled voters feel that the parties have so far not focused enough on the issues that affect them. Despite this, 92% say they are likely to use their vote and most state their key issue as the NHS and health.

Leading disability charity Papworth Trust surveyed over 1,000 disabled people about the top 3 issues for them in the upcoming general election. 72% of respondents chose the NHS and health among their top 3. The second most popular issue was immigration (in the top 3 for 46% of respondents) followed by welfare (in top 3 for 34% of respondents).

Of those questioned, 72% said they were certain to vote and 92% said they were more likely than not to vote. Feedback from the poll and from hustings is that many disabled people feel ignored and marginalised by politicians.

Papworth Trust believes that the parties are missing a trick as there are 12 million disabled voters in the UK, and in such a tight election, every vote counts. It has hosted workshops to help people register to vote and has held 4 hustings to enable them to question their local candidates.

It will also encourage people to use their vote by holding a Twitter takeover on 6 May. This will be an opportunity for customers to use the charity’s official Twitter account to communicate why they are voting, through text and pictures.

Papworth Trust Chief Executive Vicky McDermott said,

“Disabled people and their carers, family and friends can have a big political voice. The general election on May 7 will be a very exciting one, and we want everyone to have their say.”

“We’d like to see the parties pledge more help for disabled people to get into work, and to be able to live in their own home.”

The charity will continue to run its poll for disabled voters online at:


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