Disabled access reviews website EuansGuide.com launches

euans-guideAccessible website for disabled people launches allowing users to post reviews of any venue, anywhere in the world

EuansGuide.com, the disabled access reviews website for disabled people and their friends and families, has launched today.  The website allows users to share reviews and rate venues on their accessibility.

The website has been developed with disabled people in mind and strives to be accessible to everyone including people who use different communication technologies such as speech command, eye command and touch pads.

With over 500 venues so far across the UK and abroad, the website encourages users to post reviews, rating venues depending on their personal experiences. Venues can also list on the site to promote their accessibility. The website can be used to plan visits and search for venues nearby.

Created by Euan MacDonald, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2003, the website covers venues including attractions, cinemas, sports grounds, places to stay, and everyday places such as the post office and local services. It is easy and quick to submit a review or list a new venue.

World renowned author JK Rowling, who funded the Anne Rowling Clinic for regenerative neurology, said the website addressed the need for an easy-to-use guide listing venue accessibility information for people to rate and share experiences.

“I’m delighted to endorse Euan’s Guide, and to congratulate him on launching this pioneering website,” said Rowling.

“I know, through meeting many people with MS who have disabilities, that there is a dearth of independent and unofficial information about venues and their accessibility.  A friendly and straightforward guide, with information from users themselves, is an empowering development to be heartily recommended.”

Euan added: “The site is a great way for people to share practical first-hand knowledge of venues which is otherwise difficult to find before visiting.

“We want to encourage as many disabled people as possible to get involved and add their experiences. Euan’s Guide will help people feel comfortable with visiting new places knowing that the venue will be accessible to them.”

For more information visit www.euansguide.com

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