Disability through the eyes of young people

An exhibition of photographs taken by young people with a disability living in Hackney is to go on show this month.

The Access To All Areas exhibition features pictures from across the borough taken through the eyes of disabled youngsters. The photos highlight some of the difficulties and challenges faced by disabled people in their everyday lives.

Nine young people aged between 12 and 19 took the pictures over the summer period.

Catherine Lomas, Paediatric Physiotherapist at Hackney Ark said: “This exhibition provides a showcase for these young photographers and enables them to give others an opportunity to see through their eyes the many challenges they face every day.

“Disability awareness has led to significant changes in accessibility and attitude. However, we need to continue to ask ourselves how disabled and non-disabled people can work together to create a fully inclusive and accessible society for all.”

Young photographer Constantin Illioi said: “I very much enjoyed the photography project and I am really happy that people may listen to my opinions when they come to look at the exhibition. I hope that everyone will come to look at the photos that we’ve taken when they come to the Picture House.”

His colleague Clara added: “I loved taking part in the project. I hope that our views on access will be heard because I feel the exhibition is not only our voices but also the voices and thoughts of hundreds of other disabled children all across London.”

It is hoped that these images and narrative can open up a dialogue around the future of disability access that is both insightful and constructive.

The exhibition will be held in the Gallery Space on the second floor of the Hackney Picture House for three weeks starting from September 28 to October 14.

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