Disability Network Launches to Help Young Disabled People

A new disability support network connecting disabled people in need of support to helpful peers, professionals, organisations and services is officially launched this week.

“The disability support network is designed for individuals and families living with disability. It is not your typical support group though,” explains Chris Davis the Disability Support Network founder. “People are encouraged to create support requests for anything they need help with. These requests can be anything ranging from support around the home, assistance to achieve a personal goal or help to buy a new piece of equipment.”

The networks helps find support for personal requests and provides an online hub for the disability projects, campaigns and issues faced by over 10 million adults and 770,000 children with disability in the UK, according to the Papworth Trust.

Chris Davis said “We had a great response to a trial we ran in Gloucestershire and found experts and companies were very keen to be involved. The goodwill out there showed us there was huge potential for a network like this. In setting up the disability support network we wanted to address the everyday issue of accessibility to help and support. The network is open to anyone who can gain internet access directly or through friends and family. ”

Anyone can subscribe by email or use your social login to make and receive support request, disability news, helpful recommendations, exclusive events and member only deals.

“It was very important when setting up a network like this to make sure it is open to everyone. You don’t have to have a disability to sign up. We want to get as many people as possible involved and talking about disability campaigns, projects and disability issues. If we can help even one young person with a disability achieve a goal, learn something new or overcome a barrier then we will have succeeded,” Chris said.

The new network already has over 100 registered experts and organisations ready to offer their help and support.

All our members are encouraged to work together to help and support each other when they can. Chris explains “Sharing goals, problems and other challenges can help people achieve more and stay on top of things. Having a good support network behind you means you always know you have someone you can turn to for help. That can be a powerful thing, especially for newly disabled people and the young disabled planning their futures ”

The disability network is continuing to seek individuals, organisations and services who can provide assistance and support to disabled people and their families. If you think you or your organisation can help, you can join the network online at disability.addmysupport.com or contact disability@addmysupport.com for more information

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