Cyclone Technologies to help with the University of Hull’s research on bionic ReWalk suit

Claire Lomas testing the world's first ever personal exoskeleton device, the ReWalk, supplied by Cyclone technologies

Claire Lomas testing the world’s first ever personal exoskeleton device, the ReWalk, supplied by Cyclone technologies

Cyclone Technologies has announced it will be starting work with the University of Hull to research the exoskeleton mobility system, ReWalk.

As the exclusive national supplier for ReWalk, the team at Cyclone are keen to learn more about the bionic suit and are beginning to work with the university’s sports science with biomechanical research, to find out more about the forces that go through the body when it is used.

The ReWalk enables individuals with lower-limb disabilities such as Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Spina Bifida to stand, ascend and descend stairs and walk indoors and outdoors on mown grass, ramps and up kerbs. This can be done independently and on a daily basis.

Although the research will be organised by the university, Cyclone’s physiotherapist, Matt White, will be providing technical assistance with the ReWalk.

He said: “Working with the biomechanical research means we can assess where we are at with the ReWalk and feed back to the manufacturers, Argo. It will also be beneficial to us, as suppliers, as it means we can structure our training appropriately to reflect the specific demands placed on the body.

“We are just working on the development of the research at the moment, so we are hoping that, by Christmas, we will have a preliminary date for the data to be collected and we can make a start in the New Year.”

Invented by the Israeli entrepreneur, Dr Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, ReWalk provides individuals with user-initiated mobility through the integration of a light wearable brace support suit, a computer-based control system and motion sensors.

By a shift in the wearer’s balance, the sensors recognise a change in position and trigger the desired knee or hip movement to take a step forward and make ‘walking’ relatively easy for the user.

The ReWalk – P is available when a user has begun ReWalk training at Cyclone’s purpose-built CyclonePlus rehabilitation and training facility in Ottringham, East Yorkshire, and when all parties are satisfied with the device and the individual’s ability to utilise it. Crutches are also required for users to maintain their balance when walking and standing.

In addition to this is the ReWalk – I, which is currently available for training and therapy purposes within ‘institutions’ such as an SCI centre or a dedicated medical facility.

Cyclone Technologies is one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation and training specialists for individuals with severe walking impairments, and is the UK’s exclusive supplier of exoskeleton mobility solution, ReWalk. Cyclone is also a leading manufacturer of bespoke wheelchairs and boasts a purpose-built rehabilitation and training facility in Ottringham, East Yorkshire.


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