#CripTheVoteUK: Put disability issues at the heart of the General Election

A UK branch of the international @CripTheVote movement has been launched to encourage disabled people to get more involved in politics, and for politicians to start considering disability in their election campaigns.

@CripTheVoteUK are asking supporters to get involved online, by joining discussions and debates, following the hashtag #CripTheVoteUK. Campaigners are encouraging the public to share photos with a commitment to “spend 10 minutes to save 10,000 lives” by using their vote on 8 June in the General Election – referring to the 10,000 disabled people who have died within six weeks of being declared ‘fit to work’ since 2010.

“Right now, disabled people are quite literally voting for our lives,” said Dennis Queen, a campaigner in CTVUK’s network . “We need ALL voters to know this is an emergency for thousands of disabled people and help us fight back.”

CripTheVoteUK are asking all eligible voters to think about what their vote really means – and to make sure that they, their friends and family use their vote in the General Election.

That means registering to vote (the deadline is Monday 22 May), or registering for a postal vote if that makes the process more accessible.

Eleanor Lisney, disability activist and co-founder of CriptheVoteUK, said: “We must vote if we are to have a chance to survive the coming onslaught against our human rights. Disabled people should make politicians aware that, with 13 million potential voters, we cannot be ignored.”

Not promoting one particular party, the campaign will be encouraging all political parties to carefully consider their policies regarding disability, and sharing information from all parties with followers to make sure everyone can make an informed vote this June.

Alex Haagaard, a founding member of CripTheVoteUK said “The prospect that this government might receive a renewed mandate to continue their harassment, neglect and – in the end – extermination of disabled people frankly terrifies me.”

Follow the campaign on Twitter, @CripTheVoteUK, or head to cripthevote.blogspot.co.uk.

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