Confused by your Christmas gadget? RNIB Technology Support Squad to the rescue

RNIB LogoBlind and partially sighted people who are having trouble setting up a new gadget they received for Christmas, or bought in the January sales, can call RNIB’s Technology Support Squad (TSS) for help.

It can be challenging to set up and use a new TV, mobile phone, or talking book player as the instructions may not be accessible, the jargon used can be confusing, or it can be physically difficult to set the equipment up. The Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) TSS is made up of 1,000 volunteers who can give advice over the phone or visit people in their homes.

The volunteers are happy to help with a range of problems including: getting the most out of your TV, such as installing a DVD player, setting up your Freeview box and helping you use audio description; tuning in your digital radio; helping you get to grips with a new computer or laptop, or showing you how to use your DAISY Talking Book player and order books from our National Library Service.

Robin Davies, who is blind and has used the TSS, said: “I was having problems switching from an old and trusted laptop to a new net book. I called the RNIB Technology Support Squad, who put me in contact with a volunteer who lived close to me.

“The volunteer visited me at home and was very calm, professional and friendly. He dealt with all my problems and set everything up for me perfectly. He did not rush, was patient with me and offered further support and advice. Long may the TSS team continue!”

Saba Sivaseelan is a volunteer for the service and said: “I would encourage anyone who is blind or partially sighed to use RNIB’s Technology Support Squad. We’re happy to help you with all sorts of technology problems, no matter how small. We can try to resolve your questions over the phone, or send someone to visit you at home.”

If you’re blind or partially sighted and are having trouble setting up or getting the most out of your technology, contact RNIB’s Technology Support Squad on 0303 123 9999, email or go online at

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