Clean-up crusader continues King’s Lynn mission


Dog owner Steven Cable, 58 from King’s Lynn, is a dedicated Norfolk citizen with many disabilities who continues to clean his local park and campaign for improved facilities.

Steven was born in King’s Lynn and before having to take early retirement due to major spinal problems. He was a heavy-duty construction machinery operator and international long distance lorry driver. During a period of 30 years, Steven worked on numerous building projects that included construction of the M25, A14 and even the airport on the Falkland Islands. Steven now lives with restricted mobility and multiple conditions that include crushed spinal discs, IBS, Asthma and Basilar Artery Insufficiency. Despite his difficulties, Steven has spent the last few years dedicating every morning to cleaning and maintaining Pepper Green Park. He has also pro-actively achieved installation of new play equipment by the local District Council and organised flower planting as part of the King’s Lynn in Bloom initiative. He has been nominated for a good citizenship award and is now campaigning for improved disabled access at local parks. As his conditions have become more pronounced resulting in severe walking difficulties, Steven’s mission to help his community would not have been able to continue without the assistance of his TGA Vita X mobility scooter.

As Steven lives alone, he has the ability to remain independent outdoors with his dog Bobby with the help of his TGA scooter and trailer. He travels everywhere with his four-year-old Cairn Terrier who either rides on the floor well or in the custom built trailer. Steven visits the park to collect litter and communicates with the council regarding maintenance tasks so that the environment remains pristine and enjoyable for locals.

As the black Vita X has special rough terrain tyres and increased torque, it gives Steven the capability to access grassed and muddy areas with ease.  The sports car bucket seat keeps his back stable so that he can complete his cleaning tasks more comfortably and the active front suspension, delivers stability even when mounting kerbs at an angle. Steven said: “I find the Vita X to have a very comfortable ride for a man who suffers with spinal injuries. The wide tyres soak up bumps as well as the superb suspension and I am cradled in the seat so I do not move around in it too much. I absolutely love it and the styling just blows away the word disabled. I built the trailer with Bobby in mind so that he is safe, warm and dry when riding with me. Mostly though Bobby rides up front with me as he likes to surf and it’s great having a side-kick when I’m litter collecting.”

Steven continues: “My work at the park came by accident after I spoke to a group of local young people who really wanted some goal posts. I managed to get some goals for the local kids and some new play equipment off the council, which then led to me wanting to also keep the park clean. I asked the council if they wouldn’t mind if I picked up litter to keep it tidy and they even supplied me with bags. I do it everyday so that is a bonus for them I guess. I also helped arrange for the old play equipment to be repainted and installation of new swings.”

Steven concludes: “Even though I struggle with my health, what I do is try as much as I can. If I am in pain I have to rest but every man has to try to do something.”

TGA Electric Leisure Limited

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