Children’s charity creates tool to support families

Childrens Trust Our Journey & ElementsThe UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury has produced a new resource available for free to families.

Our Journey has been designed to help parents and carers prepare for a child’s appointments, record medical information, understand therapies and support them on the ongoing journey of rehabilitation following a brain injury.

The folder has been created by The Children’s Trust and has had input from expert clinicians, an experienced writing team and families.

It has been charitably funded and can be ordered for free.

Maria Coyle, information editor at The Children’s Trust said: “Our Journey has been entirely charitably funded so it means we can supply it to families for free. We are thrilled that through the support of our sponsors we are reaching more families throughout the UK.

“Our Journey is aimed at supporting families and empowering them so that they can help their child along this journey following a brain injury.”

The charity’s Information officer, Clair Cobbold said: “Families often have a lot to take in when a child has sustained a brain injury and suddenly has endless appointments and therapy sessions.

“We felt that Our Journey could also be more than just somewhere for families to record their child’s information but also a tool to help them prepare for appointments and advocate as fully as possible for their child.”

What Our Journey includes:


  • All about me
  • Medical information
  • Preparation for appointments & goal setting
  • More information
  • Cue cards: explains various therapies a child might have and suggests questions for parents to ask at appointments
  • Pocket identity card: which a child can carry with them and where some details can be written about their condition, along with emergency contact details.

Our Journey has been created to enable parents and carers to advocate for their child, whilst informing them and helping them in a practical way.

For more information or to order Our Journey or any of the other books please visit

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