Charity set to use pioneering technology to support challenge event fundraisers

hft_logoNational learning disabilities charity, Hft, is employing a pioneering new technology to empower their fundraisers to capitalise on spontaneous donations instantly.

The charity, whose central office is based in Bristol, will be giving Bespoke Instant Fundraising Wristbands to participants taking part in Hft’s portfolio of Team Extreme and Challenge events (such as bikes rides, marathons and skydives) to support them to reach their fundraising targets.

The waterproof silicone band has been created by Wooshping and can be used with every modern smartphone.  It will enable the wearer to raise funds for Hft quickly and instantly by utilising mobile capabilities like short range contactless technology called, Near Field Communication, (NFC) and QR codes.  Simply tapping a potential sponsor’s phone against the wristband or scanning the QR code will take them directly to the participant’s personal fundraising page where they can make an instant donation on the spot.

The wristbands can also be programmed by the charity to direct people to the latest fundraising updates and multimedia content, such as videos and images, creating a direct line of communication and greater on going engagement with their fundraisers.

Hft provides support to more than 2,500 adults with learning disabilities and is a recognised leader in developing, trialling and adapting personal technology solutions to support people to live safely and independently. Chris Clarke, Hft’s Head of Regional Fundraising, said adding the latest technology to their fundraising toolkit seemed like a natural fit.

“As a charity we pride ourselves on the creative and resourceful approach we take to support people with learning disabilities to get the most out of life,” he said.

“We are a leading provider of personalised technology for people with learning disabilities to enhance people lives and increase their independence.  The Instant Fundraising Bands were the perfect opportunity to apply the same innovative thinking to our fundraising approach.

“To be able to rise to the challenges of the demanding economic climate it’s essential to embrace pioneering fundraising techniques like this, which both engage and suit the needs and lifestyles of those making the donations.”

Rupert Englander is the Managing Director of Wooshping, the market leader in delivering flexible cloud-based mobile engagement campaigns for businesses.

He said: “Wooshping is delighted to be working with Hft, to support their great work, and to help fundraisers achieve their fundraising goals. Hft have identified the opportunity for the wristband very early on and have come to market with a strong proposition for their use which is exciting and encouraging. The wristbands look great and I look forward to seeing them being actively used by fundraisers over the coming months.”

If you would like to find out further information about Hft’s Team Extreme or challenge events please call 0117 906 1700 or email

About Hft

Hft is a national charity providing local support for people with learning disabilities and their families. Hft encourages and supports people to live as independently as they can and to pursue their own interests and social lives. The charity works in partnership with individuals and their families to achieve this. For more information on Hft please visit

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