Changing Places to ‘Shop Till You Drop’

clos-o-mat frenchgate internal

An accessible bathroom facility in Frenchgate, Doncaster

January sale time will be better for people in Manchester, Southampton, Gateshead and Doncaster, simply because their local shopping centres have chosen to optimise accessibility.

The cities’ major shopping centres have all fitted Changing Places assisted accessible toilets, which enable anyone who needs the help of a carer to toilet to do so in appropriate, hygienic surroundings. With more space than a standard wheelchair-accessible toilet, a Changing Places facility also includes as standard a hoist, privacy screen and a height adjustable changing bench, as well as a washbasin and peninsular toilet.

The Trafford Centre in Manchester, Metro Centre in Gateshead, WestQuay in Southampton and Frenchgate in Doncaster have further replaced the standard WC with a Clos-o-Mat automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet, to further extend suitability for disabled users. Frenchgate Operations Manager Elaine Retallic explained, “Frenchgate already has five ‘conventional’ accessible toilets, but I had a meeting with a local lady whose daughter needed a hoist to be able to use the toilet. With her help, we have created a toilet that meets her needs, and hopefully those of many other disabled people and their carers, so they can relax and enjoy shopping at Frenchgate without worrying about provision of suitable toilet facilities.”

Adds Robin Tuffley of Clos-o-Mat, “We all know the problems of finding suitable, clean toilets when away from home, and have all made a conscious decision to visit and spend time somewhere- or not- influenced by our past toileting experience there, or knowledge of the toilets provided. As the UK’s leading supplier of disabled toilet facilities in and out of the home, and of Changing Places toilets, we are ideally placed to help people make an informed decision: we have even added a handy, fully searchable interactive map to our website, People can simply make a few clicks online, in advance, to plan their trip to enjoy it to the most, without constraints of needing to find a loo!”

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