Camden Society joins Thera Group

Thea_Group_Camden_SocDisability rights charity, The Camden Society, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its 48-year history by joining a national group of companies that supports people with a learning disability. The Camden Society completed the process of joining the larger 14-strong Thera Group in early February 2014.

Both organisations share the same values and care about the same things: improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families and carers by providing a wide range of life-enhancing services.

The move will provide a bigger voice for people with a learning disability and greater control over their lives for them, their families and carers. The Society will be able to share skills, innovation and creativity with a like-minded organisation. It will also be able to access their skills and knowledge and share the expertise of both workforces to improve, innovate and develop its support and services.

Commenting, the Chair of the Camden Society, Gerald Oppenheim, says:

“This move will take the Society on to the next stage of development by becoming part of a group structure. It will also enable us to enhance our services and of develop new ones. We want to build on the success of our work in London and Oxfordshire by sharing our experience with other parts of the country to the benefit of people with a learning disability.

“Both Thera and The Camden Society are passionate about the same sort of things and we look forward to working with them in a way which benefits people with a learning disability.

“This is the right decision for our beneficiaries and will enable us to support them in future in a climate where public funding will get even more difficult. Raising funds from other sources will also be harder and The Camden Society can only gain from being part of a larger, national grouping. Thera will add value to our operations, while allowing us to retain sufficient independence to grow and develop in the way the Society would want.”

Bill Carter, Chairman at Thera, adds:

“This is an exciting development! Most importantly, the Camden Society shares Thera’s Vision, seeing people as leaders in society, valued and equal members of the communities in which they live.

“Both organisations are known for their innovation and creativity as well as their excellent support and services for individuals. We look forward to being able to share the respective skills, knowledge and expertise of our two organisations to improve, innovate and develop the support and services we provide.”

The Camden Society campaigns for the rights of people with learning disabilities and supports them in living full and independent lives. It delivers housing support, employment and community services across London and in Oxfordshire for over 600 people a week.

Thera is a group of 14 companies that support adults with a learning disability in their own homes, in the community, at work and for short breaks. Thera provides support through its local companies. This means that support remains locally accountable and managed. This enables the people Thera supports to have more control of and be more involved in their Thera company

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