Brrrrrrriliant winter motoring advice from Motability

winter driving

As the winter weather sets in, disabled motorists can access the best advice on how to prepare for winter driving by visiting The recently revamped website has a handy ‘winter driving’ checklist for customers along with answers to frequently asked questions regarding topics such as winter tyres.

The ‘winter driving’ information is designed to ensure that Motability customers have comprehensive advice and tips on how to adjust their driving when out and about in winter weather. Motability, the leading car scheme for disabled people, provides its customers with a worry free package that includes vehicle servicing and maintenance, full RAC breakdown assistance and tyre and windscreen replacement.

Top tips included in the ‘prepare for winter driving’ section include:

  • Ensure your phone battery is fully charged before setting off on a journey
  • Pack warm clothes, food, drink and a blanket in the car
  • Plan your route – in icy conditions stick to main roads
  • Defrost the windscreen, windows and lights to ensure you have clear all-round visibility
  • Use gentle manoeuvers, slower speeds and allow more time for accelerating and breaking
  • Consider if the journey is essential, and can be delayed until road conditions improve

Customers can also access answers to frequently asked questions regarding winter tyres. Designed to be used in icy and snowy weather some Motability customers choose to have these fitted to their vehicles. The website provides details on when and how to get the tyres fitted along with advice on when to change them back to standard tyres.

Mike Betts, chief executive, Motability Operations explains:

“We always aim to offer Motability customers advice and tips to ensure that getting on the road is as worry-free as possible. The new winter driving section on the website hopefully allows our customers to feel prepared for driving in icy and snowy conditions whilst also reassuring them of the support on offer, such as full RAC breakdown assistance.”

Anyone who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement can simply exchange this weekly payment – currently around £50 a week – for a new car through Motability. Insurance, servicing, RAC breakdown assistance and replacement tyres are also included.

Find more of Motability’s winter driving tips here.

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