Bolton Art Studio Opens For People With Mental Health Needs

bolton mental health

A new art studio for people with mental health needs has opened in Bolton.

It comes after David Langdon, who’s supported by North West charity Alternative Futures Group, teamed up with local mental health charity MhIST (Mental Health Independent Support Team).

The Studios, which are divided into 8 affordable creative spaces, are open to patients with mental health needs who have been referred by their hospital or community mental health team.

Melvin Bradley, MhIST manager said:

“We hope the new studios provide a therapeutic opportunity for individuals with ongoing mental health needs to gather and engage in art practices as part of their recovery journey.

“People using the studios also have the opportunity to visit galleries, exhibitions and events, access art workshops and gain support from professional artists to help them develop their creative potential.

“This sort of activity helps recovering patients develop new skills, regain confidence and improve their mental wellbeing.”

David Langdon supported by Oak Lodge treatment & recovery centre and manager of The Studios said:

“The response from other mental health organisations in Bolton has been very positive and a number of people have already been touch looking to rent space.

“People have taken the time to find out more about us and hopefully now we can begin to make a real difference to people affected by mental health issues.”

The Studios are situated above the offices of MhIST on Moor Lane and spaces can be rented at a cost of £30 per week funded by Bolton Council following the successful submission of a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).

To find out more or to make a referral please contact MhIST on 01204 527 200 or visit

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