Award win for BBC Ouch!

BBC Ouch! team, Damon Rose and Emma Tracey, last week won the Herbert Smith Journalist of the Year Award at the European Diversity Awards at the Savoy in London.

BBC Ouch! Is a blog and podcast which for some years has discussed disability issues on the BBC website. In 2011 the team joined BBC News enabling them to bring their journalism to a wider audience through the BBC News website.

Damon and Emma’s recent work includes coverage of the Paralympics, uncovering stories about access issues at the Games as well as reporting for the BBC World Service and Radio 5 Live, and they have brought a fresh perspective to our reporting of disability and many other stories.

The judges at the European Diversity Awards said they gave the award to Damon and Emma “for bringing disability to the mainstream audience of the BBC”.

Mary Hockaday, Head of Newsroom, said: ‘Ouch! makes an important contribution to the BBC News website and since they joined BBC News last year, Damon and Emma have brought an invaluable expertise and energy to our coverage of disability issues. They recently reported from the Paralympics and brought us powerful, original journalism as well as their unique insight into the events.  I am also very pleased that Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt was highly commended in the same category at these awards.”

BBC Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt was nominated in the same category and was highly commended for her reporting in which she regularly gives vulnerable people on the edges of society a voice.

This is the second year running that BBC News has received the Journalist of the Year award at the European Diversity Awards. BBC Security correspondent Frank Gardner received the award last year.

Other journalists shortlisted in this category were Caitlin Moran of the Times, Eleanor Mills of the Sunday Times and Mark Townsend, Home Affairs Editor of the Observer.

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