Assistive technology from MERU – The Flexzi range

The recent growth in gadget technology, especially tablets and smartphones, have numerous benefits for disabled people, opening up a new realm of communications, educational and recreational uses. However, some users with restricted movement may need some extra specialised help using gadgets.

One stability solution is the Flexzi range from MERU. The original Flexzi was an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons, iPads, mobile phones, remote controls and sat-navs. Recently updated for 2014, it is made from a single or double strand of flexible plastic segments that allows perfect positioning of devices.

Also joining the range is the Flexzi 3, which is an extra strong, triple-stranded Flexzi complete with detachable iPad case. Still flexible and easy to position, the Flexzi 3 is more stable and secure with added protection for precious devices.  A clamp mounted option allows a longer reach for clamping to wheelchairs, bed frames or other types of furniture. Additionally, there is also a free-standing version for tables and desks. The new case has its own carry handle and is made from thick EVA foam.  This case can be removed for portability, and to allow other devices to be mounted.

A parent who had purchased a Flexzi commented:

“Ed has cerebral palsy and is a profoundly disabled 18 year old. For a long time we had been looking for a way in which we could position switches on the tray of his power chair so that he can access them easily, as each day he needs to have them in a different position. When a young friend sent us details of the items that MERU offer, we thought ‘this is it’ so we ordered the small single stem Flexzi with velcro base and top. It is perfect! It can be placed on to his tray wherever he needs it, it can twist and turn to whichever angle he needs it to and he loves it! Most of all he can drive his own power chair by himself with only a minimal input from his carer, teacher, brother, myself, or whoever is helping him. This is an activity that he really enjoys. There will be other things that his Flexzi will help him to do, so thank you MERU, your Flexzis are great!”

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